About us

We are a rapidly developing company acting in veterinary and zootechnical industry. We specialize in medicinal products and prophylactic products directed to such groups of animals as honeybees, raceing pigeons, fancy pigeons and horses.

We manage the wholesale selling veterinary medicinal products.

The fact that distinguishes us from other companies is the educational aspect, these are actions undertaken by our team which aim at reaching as huge group of our customers as possible with expert knowledge. For the purposes of the above:

– we have established the initiative of Bee Health Centre (Polish: Centrum Zdrowia Pszczół), these are veterinary care institutions, laboratories, institutions which are the branches of the Bee Health Centre run by specialists with experience and knowledge in the fields of veterinary, hive management, biology, legal legislation, who help the beekeepers to achieve better results in the bee apiaries;

– we have created the Pigeon Health Centre (Polish: Centrum Zdrowia Gołębi) brand, in terms of which we offer the highest quality natural products for pigeons to our customers and there is a network of veterinary clinics operating which specialize in treating diseases and ensuring prophylactics to pigeons;

– we organize conferences and trainings in Poland directed to both, the raisers and veterinary doctors as well as Veterinary Inspection.

We are proud that due to our actions, including the involvements in research projects, we are promoting prophylactic programmes among our customers departing from antibiotics and chemical preparations to the benefit of safe products which were created based on natural ingredients.

We have been offering the highest quality of services to our customers for over 10 years: fast deliveries, convenient payment conditions, stable prices, information and training meetings for both our trade customers and raisers. Our customers are: veterinary wholesales, veterinary clinics, shops with zoological articles and individual customers.

“Looking in the future with optimism we are planning further company development and continuous offer extension … as there are no impossible things to us … there is passion”.